Portalp supplies the platform screen doors for lines 14, 16 and 17 of the Grand Paris Express

Half-height platform screen doors

ENGIE Solutions (contractor) and Portalp have been selected by the RATP and the Société du Grand Paris (SGP) for the project extending line 14, and the construction of lines 16 and 17 of the Grand Paris Express, respectively. These contracts represent a total installation project of 672 screen doors. Work is set to begin on all three lines in 2022, with the commissioning of line 14 planned for 2024.

On one hand, ENGIE Solutions and Portalp have been chosen by the RATP in the context of line 14’s extension from Orly airport to Saint-Denis Pleyel in order to implement studies, development, provisioning, qualifications, installation, integration, trials, servicing, and technical assistance throughout the platform screens’ warranty period for the eight new stations (seven south and one north of the line), at a total cost of 46 million euros. This contract will cover all 16 platforms, each measuring 120 meters long, for a total installation of 384 screen doors.

On the other hand, the consortium has been selected by the Société du Grand Paris to apply its expertise and skills to the implementation of platform screens on the Grand Paris Express line 16’s ten stations, as well as line 17’s six stations, for a total cost of approximately 41 million euros.

The contract covers the geographical perimeter of lines 16 and 17, between Saint-Denis Pleyel and Noisy-Champs stations on the one hand, and between Saint-Denis Pleyel and Le Mesnil Amelot stations on the other. Each station has two 54-meter platforms, with the exception of Saint-Denis Pleyel (73 meters), Chelles (60 meters) and Le Bourget RER (61 meters). These two new metro lines cover 16 new stations, for a total installation of 288 platform doors.

Thanks to their experience in project interfacing and their ability to account for each project’s particularities, ENGIE Solutions and Portalp are in full control of each project phase, from design to commercial services to maintenance. These two contracts are not the first for ENGIE Solutions and Portalp. The consortium was awarded Vienna’s (Austria) “Metro platform screen” call for tender in 2019 to automate the network’s U5 line.

These two contracts will contribute to supplementing the capabilities already deployed by ENGIE Solutions for the implementation of the Grand Paris Express’s new automated metro lines: LTE mobile networks on lines 15, 16, and 17; traction-current distribution for lines 16 and 17; and ventilation, smoke extraction, and pressure relief tunnel systems for lines 16 and 17.

« For the fourth time, ENGIE Solutions will be working alongside the Société du Grand Paris towards successful project implementation. Bolstered by our lengthy experience in managing transportation projects throughout the world, we are proud to have the opportunity to deploy several of our solutions within this wonderful initiative. We are delighted to provide our support to this novel and highly anticipated project, which will facilitate and improve travel for millions of the French capital region’s citizens, by making available a comprehensive solution for more sustainable, safe, and high-quality mobility.» Wilfrid Petrie, Deputy Director-General of ENGIE in charge of ENGIE Solutions.

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