Portalp wins tender for Toulouse metro B-line extension

Origine France Garantie Portalp platform screen doors

Portalp has just been awarded the contract for designing, producing, and installing platform screens for the two stations being added to the Toulouse metro’s B-line (line B connection).

Portalp, a French automatic door manufacturer with over 60 years’ experience, has been awarded the contract for designing, fabricating, and installing platform screens for the Toulouse metro’s CLB extension, which will link the current terminus of Ramonville with the Labège business park by 2027. This extension will complete the Toulouse metro network.

Measuring 2.7 km long, this addition to the line will include two stations equipped with 156 linear meters of platform screens, consisting of over 18 motorized and 18 unmotorized landing door modules.

Automatic metro infrastructure supplier Siemens Mobility has entrusted Portalp with platform screen fabrication, a crucial component of the transportation system. The screens will boost the metro’s timeliness and will ensure the daily safety of future commuters traveling on this line extension.

Portalp’s success in winning the general management of this kind of project for the first time is the result of developments in its transportation activities. In order to take on this fifth project in 3.5 years, the company has reorganized its efforts by creating a Platform Screens division comprised of around 20 collaborators. This new division is supported by an 80-person engineering department based near Grenoble, as well as a team of installation technicians tasked with assembling the platform screens.

Portalp’s Transportation activities are headed by Patrick Sauvage and his nearly 34 years’ experience as Business Director at the RATP and Director of the FERSIL railway product range. His recent arrival has provided additional momentum and cohesiveness to the group’s different trades, including the call for tender unit, project unit, engineers, and installation technicians.

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