Platform screen door maintenance

Portalp Railway maintenance

We prioritize maintaining the perfect working condition and compliance of platform screen door installations in order to guarantee installation availability and the safety of every user.

Whether or not the installations were originally implemented by Portalp Railway, we can maintain your equipment’s proper operational status thanks to our vast industry expertise and product knowledge.

A maintenance plan suited to your railway and people mover installations

  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Control-command maintenance
  • Precautionary and corrective maintenance
  • Obsolescence monitoring and organization

    Compliance with
    industrial, technical and managerial standards

    ISO 45001
    ISO 9001
    ISO 14001
    NF X60-000 standard
    NF EN IEC 62402 standard

    Different maintenance levels
    according to the NF X 60-000 standard

    We accommodate our services depending on the required level of maintenance

    A multidisciplinary team effort

    The maintenance contract supervisor has an overall view of the station and can mobilize various departments in order to ensure the proper operation of our solutions, including quality, security, logistics, and technical services, among others.

    Guaranteed availability and adaptability provided by our on-call department

    24/7 on-call department, telephone operator, and service hours adapted to your needs

    Customized and flexible support

    Support management with systems oversight, including both expected and tangible deliverables, as well as a regular analytical report according to your needs

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