Electronic door control board

Train control system

CBTC systems are used by modern railway networks to enhance the safety, capacity, and efficiency of railway operations.

Their functionality hinges on several key principles, including:

  • Real-time monitoring of train position and speed using sensors
  • Wireless communication between trains and central railway traffic control systems to minimize the risk of error or collision
  • The usage of advanced control algorithms to automatically guide trains along the tracks and to improve usage of available track space
  • The integration of advanced safety features to monitor trains and railway equipment, and to avoid collisions
  • Monitoring the state of railway equipment and the detection of maintenance issues to allow for the proactive management of maintenance and for improving railway network reliability
Communication Based Train Control

Portalp Railway CBTC (Communication Based Train Control)

Our comprehensive platform screen door solutions consist of one or several motorized screen door modules, their operating units, a panic bar, and platform end doors, the latter of which are equipped with their own operating units for rescue and maintenance. They also include swinging doors specifically for drivers.

Operating unit function

The operating unit, also called platform screen door piloting system, oversees several functionalities:

  • Door opening control (SIL4)
  • Door closing control (SIL0)
  • Door closing communication (SIL4)
  • Door locking communication (SIL4)

The operating unit is adaptable and the system’s architecture can be selected according to project needs.

It also has other ancillary features, such as manual mode management, maintenance, etc.
The DCU is part of this system and handles the following features:

  • Controlling the door motor, which includes controlling power to the door sashes (SIL2)
  • Obstacle detection (SIL2)

Our DCU is currently being certified SIL2 as per EN50129.

Control module

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