Marseille Transport Network

Metalwork equipment for the Marseille Metro network

Portalp, through its major projects agency and its expertise in rail transport, has won 3 tenders to equip the Marseille metro with automated solutions and metalwork.

The 9-strong project team, comprising a project manager, a works supervisor, a site manager, two installation teams and 3 subcontractors, is working simultaneously via these different teams on different projects at night, so as not to disrupt operations.

This transport network comprises 2 metro lines and 29 stations to be equipped.

The Marseilles Metro network, operated by RTM (Régie des Transports Métropolitains), has an annual ridership of 77 million, representing 211,000 daily users.








    Market 1

    Waterproofing of sites and walkways

    • 4 km of rigid fencing
    • 2 km of composite walkways
    • 12 train access gangways
    • 185 sliding gates
    • 3 motorized gates
    • 3 km railings
    • 621 evacuation notice boards

    Market 2

    Installation of toll lines

    • 281 anti-fraud toll gates
    • Creation of concrete slabs under each gate
    • 112 anti-intrusion glass panels
    • 31 firefighter access gates

    Market 3

    Windbreak walls

    • 473 ml of perforated panels
    • Calculation notes for each station
    • 5 overhead stations to be equipped, depending on wind strength, so as not to increase train gauge

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