Perugia Mover

Linea Rossa Perugia

The installation of Perugia’s mini-metro line was initiated to relieve road traffic congestion between the lower and upper parts of the city, frequented by over 220,000 people every day.
Initiated in the 2000s, the line comprises 27 cable-drawn cars for a total distance of 3km, with 5 intermediate stations served every minute. This mini-metro transports up to 3,000 people an hour and up to 3.5 million passengers a year.






Mini metro


Platform screen doors, Integrated doors


    Coated aluminum + steel

    Type of installation


    Platform screen doors

    Terminal with 14 platforms: the customer’s aim was to make the platforms safe by isolating the passenger lanes.

    Integrated doors

    27 mini metro: the aim was to integrate on-board doors on shuttles to automate door opening during passenger transfer.

    Total installations

    platform screen doors

    swinging emergency doors

    mechanisms for integrated doors

    per platform

    platform screen door

    meters of platform screen doors

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    platform screen doors or embedded systems ?

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