Serfaus station

Serfaus mini metro

The village of Serfaus is an Austrian Alpine community with a ski resort that can accommodate up to 91,660 people per hour.
As the streets were too narrow to accommodate the flow of cars and visitors, traffic within the village was banned in the 1970s. In 1985, an underground funicular was commissioned after extensive excavation and burial work, and from 2007 onwards, the equipment had to be modernized. A mini metro on an air cushion was then installed to meet the new technical requirements and the growing flow of visitors. Numerous technical constraints had to be taken into account due to the mountainous environment and the degree of angle per module (between 1 and 3 degrees).






Mini metro


Platform screen doors


    Coated aluminum + steel

    Type of installation


    Platform screen doors

    Line with 4 stations: the customer wanted to make the platforms safe by isolating the tracks from passengers.

    Total installations

    platform screen doors

    swinging emergency doors

    meters of platform screen doors

    per platform

    platform screen doors

    meters of platform screen doors

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