Wiener Linien U5

Modernization of Vienna’s metro lines

Vienna, the Austrian capital, began a program to modernize its 80-kilometer metro network in 2017. It comprises five lines and is operated by Wiener Linien. This public transport authority has entrusted the continued modernization of its metro network to the French consortium Ineo UTS & Portalp. To complete this project, the 5 stations on line U5 will be equipped with automatic platform screen doors.

It is estimated that more than 2 million people will live or work in Vienna by 2030. The 5 stations of the U5 line will enhance the safety of Viennese residents and tourists alike by improving traffic flow on a network that will welcome over 800 million passengers a year.

The French consortium will be in charge of supplying, installing and maintaining the platform fronts for this new line.








Platform screen doors

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    Platform screen doors

    Metro line with 10 platforms: the customer’s aim was to modernize its transport network and make platforms safer by isolating the tracks from passengers.

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    platform screen doors

    meters of platform screen doors

    per platform

    platform screen doors

    meters of platform screen doors

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